It has been almost thirty years since 2Pac's untimely death, but discussions about him are still ongoing in the hip-hop community. Recently, there have been new stories emerging, including one from Napoleon of the Outlawz. Napoleon revealed that 2Pac was feeling paranoid shortly before he was killed. He shared this information during an interview with The Art of Dialogue on October 21st. According to Napoleon, this happened a week before 2Pac returned to New York. The trip to New York was challenging, and 2Pac stayed at a hotel in the middle of the city, although Napoleon couldn't recall the name of the hotel.

“I'm just standing by the window, saying nothing, while everyone else is chillin' and doing their thing.” [..] Pac then approached me because he thought I was acting strangely. [..] “Pac, I'm keeping an eye on everyone in this hotel,” I said. And he was taken aback. But since he was somewhat paranoid, that's how he had us,” said Napoleon.