Anita Akuffo, one of Ghana's top broadcast journalists and co-host of the popular Date Rush show on TV3, has been embroiled in a controversial affair with her colleague, Thierry Nyann.

According to IG blogger @westafrican_celebs, Anita and sports broadcaster Thierry Nyann have been dating quietly for a long despite the fact that Thierry is married.

In an unusual turn of events, Thierry hasn't been wearing his wedding band in a long time, and he hasn't uploaded a picture of his wife either. This can only suggest that he is divorced and no longer living with his wife.

In an interesting twist of events, Thierry hasn't been wearing his wedding ring for a while now, and he hasn't posted a picture of his wife either, which can only mean that he is probably divorced and no longer with his wife. Anita, on the other hand, told Delay in a previous interview earlier this year that she was in a serious relationship and was planning to marry soon.

Mrs Rita Nyann provided an encouraging phrase that says she is ready to conquer whatever is going on.

According to her, she will be fearless and brazen enough to battle it all the way to the finish, even if it means sacrificing herself. Thierry Nyann, a TV3 sports presenter, was also accused of cheating on his wife with Anita Akuffo and Cookie Tee. According to rumours, the two females were feuding because they were dating the same man.

mrs -nnyan

Meanwhile, Thierry Nyann and his wife have been married for a time and have three children. The claims have yet to be addressed by either party.