Samuel Dubik Mahama, Managing Director of the Power Company of Ghana (ECG), has disclosed the influence of weather conditions and seasonality on power sales and income.

He claims that anytime it rains in any section of the nation, ECG loses roughly GH25 million since consumption decreases when the weather is chilly.

Mr Mahama disclosed this while discussing "The Big Power Debate: The High Cost of Keeping the Lights On" on JoyNews' PM Express.

"Before the rainy season, ECG was averaging between GH40 and GH50 million per day." "Now, whenever you see rain, remember that we're down by GH25 million," he told Evans Mensah on Monday.

Mr Mahama expressed sadness anytime he sees rain, even though the country has been enjoying a wet season for a lengthy period this year.

"We plan to use the same tariff all year." The tariff is not flat in certain places of the world. When it's cold, it's different from when it's hot, and they figure out how to balance it. However, we have a tariff that applies all year, regardless of downtime.

"Clearly, consumption will be lower during these periods, and revenue collected will not be sufficient to cover the shortfalls."

It is concerned with how people live and how structures are built. Most folks are content with just being outside in the fresh air.

The Managing Director also highlighted the operating difficulties caused by inclement weather.

Despite these hurdles, he promised clients that ECG would finally collect the outstanding money.

"The truth of the matter is whatever is consumed I'll still collect it along the queue, but that particular day that it has rained, I may be unable to collect monies owed me by customers."

Ghanaians have recently endured power outages, with the most recent one being blamed on a lack of gas to power plants in Tema and Takoradi.