Sefa of Black Avenue Muzik has complained about how Ghanaians put pressure on musicians.

According to her, Ghanaians put pressure on local musicians to deliver new songs while they haven't finished listening to the tracks that have already been published.


She emphasised that because Ghanaians have a short memory span, they soon forget about new songs that are made accessible to them and would rather urge the musicians for new songs.

Sefa went on to say that Ghanaians put pressure on artists by forcing them to release several songs that are quickly forgotten.

"Ghanaians have a short memory span. If you release a song today, They can forget it in two weeks and they will be pressuring you for a new one. If you follow them, you will release like thousand songs and they will not know one".

Sefadzi Abena Amesu is a vocally skilled female Ghanaian afrobeat artist professionally known on stage, and performer who is signed to DBlack‘s ‘Black Avenue Muzik’ label.