Kwame Adepa, a.k.a. Okomfo Black, the son of popular Ghanaian Hiplife artist and entrepreneur Belinda Akua Amoah, a.k.a. Mzbel, has declared that he does not think people were made by God but rather were born by their fellow humans.

He simply acknowledges the fact that his mother brought him into the world, rather than any supernatural human person producing him.

During a recent interview monitored by Ameyaw Debrah Media, Okomfo Black, commonly known as Adepa, made this comment while dismissing the main religion in Ghana, Christianity. 

In response to the inquiry, "Who created you?" "My mother did, she gave birth to me," the ten-year-old child said. Human beings were born, not created, according to science. And, if humans were formed first, I never got to view God as my father or mother." 

The kid of the '16 Years' hitmaker, for the most part, refuses to give God any credit for taking care of him, claiming that the only God he knows is his mother. He emphasised that Mzbel takes care of all his basic requirements and that he has never seen God give her any money to be utilised for his upkeep, therefore he sees no reason to be thankful to God.

"My mother is the only person who cares about me." She buys me food, and clothes, and pays my school expenses. She does everything, and God does nothing for me. He never provided my mother money to look after me," he continued.