Finally speaking about where their long-standing connection started, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne have been pals for more than a decade.

On Friday, October 20, Weezy and Tity Boi appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Before performing their hit song "Presha," they spoke about their long-term romance.


“Once we connected, we became friends right away,” Weezy remarked, revealing that their initial meeting took place at a studio in Atlanta. Wayne perceived 2 Chainz as a laid-back college graduate who was hip-hopping.

They “had the same type of attitude,” he added, but at the time, “I didn't know he rapped.”

Both of them seemed to get a bit bashful when pressed to explain how they got started as longstanding partners. “Well, Wayne was looking for marijuana,” 2 Chainz claimed, gesturing to Fallon that he used to be Tunechi's marijuana dealer.

ayne said, “And so I would always call [2 Chainz] to talk about that one thing [marijuana] whenever I would go to Atlanta.”

It was approximately 2007 when everything changed. The “I'm Different” hitmaker played Tunechi the song “Duffle Bag Boy” and informed him he was “doing the music thing.”

“I did this hook for the song ‘Duffle Bag Boy' as soon as we got to the studio after he said he rapped.'” Weezy recounted their cooperation, which resulted in a Top 40 single for 2 Chainz's group Playaz Circle at the time. “And the rest is history,” Weezy said.