The musician revealed during a discussion on E Vibes that his father not only encouraged his endeavours but also had a significant impact on the development of his music career.

He mentioned how his father's extensive record collection from his childhood had a big impact on his musical development.

The performer informed Becky My father owned almost all the records. My father was a major influence on my musical career. Dad was aware of who I was. He encouraged me in everything I did. To watch me play football, he came.

"He supported everything I did. He was always behind the scenes, but he is that person who encourages anything he sees in you. When I started doing music, I didn't really tell anybody. I was just recording. I remember I had gone to record 'M3y3' and I was playing in my room, and he just entered my room, sat down for a little while, and the comment he made was, 'That is a very beautiful song' that he thinks is going to be a hit. Those words from him gave me a lot of energy to do more.”