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 Prempeh College has responded to the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) organisers' response to their demonstration on Thursday, October 19, during the semi-final competition.

This comes after Prempeh College's answer to a riddle in their semi-final match on Thursday led Primetime Limited to uphold their judgement to deny them any points.

They said in a letter to the school that the quiz mistress made the right choice after consulting with the resident physics consultant.

In a recent letter, Prempeh College responded to several concerns brought out by Primetime Limited, such as the consultant's handling of the protest and the charges of prejudice on social media.

After objecting to a solution to a puzzle during the semi-final game on Thursday, October 19, they refuted accusations of prejudice against the National Science and Maths Quiz organisers.

After participating in the tournament for such a long time, the school expressed sadness that they would be accused of tarnishing its reputation.

Prempeh College pointed out that in their initial letter outlining their protests, they merely wanted to clarify to Primetime why they thought their response was appropriate—not accusing the organisers of bias and favouritism against their school or the others.

“It is quite regrettable that our petition has elicited a response that borders on accusations and counter-accusations with respect to allusions to bias and favouritism. We wish to unequivocally state that we, Prempeh College, have not engaged in any smear campaign against Primetime on any Social Media platform, and we will advise that you ignore such issues and deal with the matters raised in our protest,” parts of the statement read.

“We appreciate the work your institution has done for Science and Mathematics in Ghana and beyond since 1993 with the introduction of this National Science and Math Quiz except to add that we disagree with this decision on the riddle in question,” the school added.

Prempeh College stated that they are interacting with Primetime on this level for the first time because they sincerely believe in the stance they have taken, and they have supported the programme and winners even in years when they made early exits.

Prempeh College responded to Primetime's concerns by stating that they continue to maintain their stance that their contestant's answers was accurate.

When the matter was initially brought up at the contest grounds, they denied having agreed with the NSMQ's consultant. "It must be pointed out that the consultant did not interact with our lead on the subject matter let alone get a tacit acceptance," the school said in an announcement.

“With respect to the riddle question posed, we maintain that the response given in your reply does not address the inquiry in terms of the clues provided and this is not supported by various reference materials and authoritative publications on the subject matter.”

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“Given that we may have reached an impasse we request that an independent Consultant or body be engaged to bring finality to this matter since one cannot be a judge in his own matter. We are resolute in our minds that our answer is correct, and we will take all available steps and means including legal, if necessary, to ensure that Prempeh College and its contestants are given a fair hearing.”

Prempeh College added that they will refer the issue to other international institutions and experts, and furnish the NSMQ organisers with copies of the responses at the appropriate time.