Rasheeda is a multi-talented artist, entrepreneur, and reality star who is known for her business acumen and her ability to handle her business. Her latest venture, the Philo series "Boss Moves with Rasheeda," showcases her hustle and her drive to succeed in all aspects of her life.

The show follows Rasheeda as she manages her fashion boutique, Pressed, and her Atlanta restaurant, Frost Bistro, while also exploring new business opportunities and ventures. Through it all, she remains focused and diligent, always planning her next big move and leading by example.

For Rasheeda, being a boss means taking control of your destiny and leading with confidence and determination. It's about being the captain of your own ship and staying focused on your goals, even in the face of adversity.

Rasheeda knows firsthand how crazy things can get, especially when your life is under a microscope like hers and her husband Kirk Frost's is as cast members of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." Despite the challenges they've faced, Rasheeda remains confident in her choices and her marriage, which has lasted for over 23 years.

As she continues to build her empire, Rasheeda is always looking for new ways to "pour into" and educate others through content that the masses will enjoy. Her latest venture is a home decor line, which will feature her own throw blankets, pillows, candles, and other knickknacks.

For Rasheeda, furniture shopping and home decor are her therapy, a way to relax and unwind after a long day of managing her businesses and taking care of her family. But even in her downtime, she remains focused on her goals and her vision for the future.

Through "Boss Moves with Rasheeda," viewers get an inside look at the life of a true boss, someone who is always on the move and always looking for new opportunities to grow and succeed. Whether she's managing her businesses, spending time with her family, or exploring new ventures, Rasheeda is always in boss mode, ready to take on whatever challenges come her way.