A man in handcuffs is being held by police in Ilorin, Nigeria's Kwara State in connection with the death of his girlfriend during sex. 

According to reports, the incident took place at a guest house in the Temidire community, Offa Garage area of Ilorin on Monday.

The couple had come to the guest's home to have a good time, but everything ended horribly.

The young woman became exhausted throughout their sexual encounter and eventually passed out. She unfortunately died away at this point and immediately ceased replying. The man reportedly set off the alarm as soon as he realised how severe the situation was and called the guest home's personnel to look into it.

The young woman's unresponsive corpse was taken to a local hospital, where doctors declared her deceased.

Before they decided to have sex, Wanjiku and Muirui had a lunch that she had made, according to what she told the police.

"She made ugali and beef stew, which they had for lunch. He asked to go to the bedroom after they finished their meal. He passed out when they were making love at about 4 p.m., according to a police complaint that cited.

The suspect alerted her lover's acquaintance to the danger and asked for assistance in getting him to the hospital. After being taken to the Pona Hospital, he was declared deceased.