On October 31, Brazilian musician Darlyn Morais, 28, passed away following a spider bite at his residence in the northern city of Miranorte.

Morais was reportedly hospitalised on Sunday after experiencing an adverse response to the spider bite on his face. As of Wednesday, Daily Mail reported, he passed away on Monday, November 6.

His 18-year-old stepdaughter was hospitalised after sustaining a spider bite as well.

Jhullyenny Lisboa, Morais' wife, informed the Brazilian news outlet G1 that her husband is in stable condition.

Lisboa said that after the bite, Morais developed physical exhaustion and that the colour of the bruise on his face began to shift.

Later in the week, Morais experienced allergic responses. He went to a hospital in Miranorte, where he received treatment before being released on Friday.

Lisboa stated, "That same day, October 31, he began to experience physical weakness and saw a darkening of his face. On Sunday, he visited the hospital and was admitted to Palmas General Hospital.

At the age of 15, Morais entered the music industry and began singing forró, a popular music genre in northeastern Brazil based on a fusion of accordion, zabumba, and metal triangle.