One of England's most famous football teams has fallen into the relegation zone after Everton were fined 10 points for breaching the Premier League's financial regulations.


Sean Dyche's side are five points clear of safety at the top of the table after 12 games and have just four points on total after suffering the biggest sporting penalty in the competition's history.

Everton expressed "shock and disappointment at the verdict" before saying he would appeal.

The club, which has been in the red for five consecutive years, was sent to an independent commission by the Premier League in March for alleged breaches of the Sustainability and Profitability Regulations (PSR).

Clubs risk sanctions if they lose more than £105 million ($130 million) over three years.

The Premier League said in a statement on Friday: "The club has acknowledged that it breached the PSR in the run-up to the 2021/22 season, but the scope of the breach remains under discussion." Everton FC's calculation of his PSR put him at a loss of £124.5m for the period, which was more than the £105m allowed under his PSR. The commission made the decision after a five-day public hearing last month.

``The Committee concludes that a sporting sanction should be imposed in the form of a 10-point deduction. This sanction is effective immediately.''

The Committee was frank about the situation in its full written reasons.

"The situation Everton find themselves in is their own decision," it said. "It is Everton's responsibility to ensure they comply with the PSR regime. Crossing the threshold is critical. As a result, Everton bears a heavy responsibility.''

Everton, however, said the penalty was ``totally disproportionate and unjust''.

"Everton insists that the information it has provided to the Premier League has been open and transparent and has always respected the integrity of the process," the club said in a statement.