Xandy Kamel's ex-husband, Kaninja, has caused a stir online after a contentious interview with Delay, suggesting an intentional effort to damage Kaninja's reputation.

Delay serves a cryptic reply to Kaninja after he exposed that she was used and dumped by Italian based guy

The interview quickly went viral, prompting Kaninja to make a series of serious allegations against Delay.

In a highly charged online statement, Kaninja claimed that a Ghanaian individual, presently living in Italy, had a romantic relationship with Delay but later married someone else, disclosing intimate details about Delay's personal life.

Additionally, Kaninja stated that Delay had persistently sought an interview with him for the past two years, despite his consistent refusals.

This online confrontation has evolved into a captivating digital drama, unveiling the complexities of personal relationships in the public eye.

In the midst of this, many have eagerly awaited Delay's response to the accusations made by the Sports Anchor in his extensive social media reaction.

As anticipated, Delay has subtly reacted to the issue by sharing a cryptic post on her social media. She posted a flyer for her TV3 show, The Delay Show.

Netizens interpret Delay's post as a dismissal of Kaninja's claims, suggesting that by promoting her show, she disregards the attempts made by the Sports Presenter to taint its reputation.

This online debate has turned into a fascinating web tale, exposing the complexity of human relationships in public.

Netizens have long awaiting Delay's answer to the charges levied against her by the Sports Anchor in his lengthy write-up reaction on social media.

As predicted, Delay responded to the situation with a cryptic remark on social media. She distributed a brochure for her TV3 show, The Delay Show.

According to netizens, her tweet indicates Delay's disrespect for Kaninja, and by publishing a flier for the programme, the Sports Presenter attempted to smear its face.