The superpowers' attacks on one another in their desire for dominance have shaken the world community and caused military conflicts. 


About two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, on Saturday, October 7, the extremist organisation Hamas launched an attack on Israeli land, which prompted Israel to launch another strike against the Gaza population.

Why is Israel assaulting Palestine?

Approximately 230 people have been abducted and 1,4000 people have died as a result of the Hamas attack, according to BBC Pidgin. 

Since the invasion, Israel has been bombing the Gaza Strip in retaliation, and , Palestinian authorities reported that 9000 civilians had died as a result. 


Nonetheless, other nations throughout the world have chosen to either back Israel or denounce Hamas's activities. US declares support for Israel's case The US has stated that it is committed to the people of Israel and that it would continue to assist Israel's security.

US President Joe Biden reaffirmed America's status as Israel's primary political, economic, and military partner after the events of October 7. 

The White House has demonstrated unwavering support for Benjamin Netanyahu's administration ever since the Hamas attacks. Before President Biden's arrival, Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited. 

In addition to rejecting calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, Biden is pressuring his nation's congress to approve an aid package totalling more than US$14 billion for Israel's military defence.

Other nations that back Israel Other allies, besides the United States, are included below: 

United Kingdom



Italy and the European Union 

Eastern European countries like Hungary or the Czech Republic.