Rapper and TikTok phenomenon 2 PM, one of Ghana's biggest performers, passed away in a motorbike accident, leaving the country in grief.

A well-known personality in Ghanaian entertainment, 2 PM gained popularity on TikTok with his captivating posts, gaining 3.2 million likes and 417.7 thousand followers. Fans from all over the world, not just in Ghana, have grown to love him for his distinct style and endearing nature.

Apart from his widespread popularity on the internet, 2 PM has also made multiple television appearances, solidifying his position as a budding talent. Interestingly, he had been a guest on Nana Ama McBrown's Showtime on Onua TV, where his lively demeanour was evident.

There is still information to come to light on the accident that claimed the life of 2 PM. The entertainment industry has been rocked by the news, and both fans and fellow musicians have expressed their sorrow and sympathies.

Sources claim that 2PM got in a motorbike accident and that, although he was taken to the hospital immediately, he passed away.

We celebrate the happiness and amusement he offered to many through his music and internet presence as we remember 2 PM. The Ghanaian TikTok community and others will surely continue to be inspired and influenced by his legacy.