For those who frequently travel the Accra-Kumasi Highway or have previously utilised it, there is one location you simply must visit.


Here is the powerful Linda Restaurant and rest area, which can be found at Bonsu Crossing.

However, have you ever guessed who owns and founded the eatery that provides visitors with delectable meals and a place to relax?

To such a guess, the answer is, in fact, Madam Belinda Doris Arkoful.

The popular eatery was started by a woman, who has overseen it for "47 solid years."

In an interview, well-known Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya revealed this.

Madam Belinda Doris said that she began the company as a lone entrepreneur in 1976 and has since nurtured it to become into the stunning location it is today.

When questioned where the name Linda Dor came from, she said it was a mix of her two names, Belinda and Doris.

Madam Belinda claims that she left the teaching profession to launch the restaurant because she was passionate about the industry and had learned the fundamentals of business from her mother and older sister, all of whom were traders.

She continued by explaining that they sold a range of goods even when she and her sister were in school, which helped her develop a sense of business


Now Linda Dor is a very big restaurant with a hotel and a lot of facilities. Madam Belinda Doris said that she feels good about how great Linda Dor has become, having about seven operating sheds at the location.