The National Communication Authority of Ghana, which oversees all electronic communications in the nation, is in charge of telecommunication in Ghana. Since the 1990s, several mobile networks have been operational in Ghana. Numerous name changes, ownership transfers, and even network mergers have occurred throughout the years.

MTN Ghana, Glo Ghana, AirtelTigo, and Vodafone Ghana are a few of the mobile networks in Ghana. Vodafone Ghana, formerly known as Ghana Telecom, and MTN Ghana, its main rival, both provide Fixed Broadband Line services.

List of Top Mobile Networks in Ghana

MTN Ghana

Vodafone Ghana


Glo Ghana

1. MTN

What does MTN represent? Mobile Telecommunication Network is known as MTN. One of the top telecom providers in Ghana is MTN Ghana. They are the most subscribed to company in Ghana and provide many network codes. The network codes for MTN Ghana are 024, 054, 055, and 059.

2. AirtelTigo

Established in November 2017, AirtelTigo is the third-largest mobile network operator in Ghana, having merged with Airtel and Tigo. Voice packages like All-in-one, Sunday Special Offers, Good Morning Offers, and Unlimited Calls are among their offerings. Night Bundles, Sika Kokoo, Family Packs, and Big Time Data are some of their data bundles.

The 2017 merger of Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana (previously Buzz) resulted in the combination of their network codes, which are now 026, 056, 027, and 057 for AirtelTigo accounts.

3. Glo Ghana

 Glo is a recently established telecommunications network in Ghana that is also attracting users as a result of its affordable voice and internet plans. They are the largest in Nigeria, just behind Airtel, and are progressively avoiding the Ghanaian telecom industry. 023 is the Glo Ghana network code. When it grows in the Ghanaian market, the corporation intends to supplement its present network code with new ones.


After replacing OneTouch Ghana, Vodafone Ghana has been doing incredibly well in the phone and Internet service sectors. In Ghana, they hold the second-highest number of customers on a network. As a result, the telecom behemoth has introduced several network codes. The network codes for Vodafone Ghana are 020 and 050.

Fixed Internet Connections in Ghana

The top 2 mobile networks in Ghana, MTN Ghana and Vodafone Ghana, offer fixed broadband services in addition to the services offered by these top 5 mobile networks. MTN Ghana exclusively offers fixed broadband internet services as of the time this article was written, however, Vodafone Ghana offers both fixed broadband lines and internet service following its acquisition from Ghana Telecom.

All of Ghana's regions only receive fixed-line number services from Vodafone Ghana. There is an area code prefix assigned to each region. In a similar vein to international dialling codes, this has made it simple for call recipients to determine the region or location from which a call is coming.