It appears that more and more gym instructors are taking advantage of the women who visit the facility to work out.

Lady catches gym instructor chopping her friend’s wife in the gym

An account of a woman stepping on her friend's wife while having sex with her gym teacher at the gym has been circulated.

The woman claims that she and her husband have been closest friends since they were little children and that this is why they still reside in the same area.

She decided to join a gym one day after realising she needed to shed some fat and realised she was gaining weight.

She made the decision to inquire about registration at the closest gym to her home over the weekend because she usually returned from work late and the gym would have closed by then,

That day, as she was leaving work, she noticed that the gym was open and had lights on, so she went there to conduct some research. She walked to the entry and knocked on the door, but no one answered. She then went to the reception and called again, but still no one answered.

The woman went on to say that she chose to go into the large, open-air main gym area in the hopes of seeing someone who would be able to hear her when she initially knocked and yelled out.

She heard heavy groaning as she entered the hallway, and sure enough, it was the gym teacher knacking his friend's wife, who was obviously enjoying herself based on her moaning.

 She went on to say her friend’s wife saw her standing there and pushed the gym instructor aside rushed to her and begged her not to report the matter to her husband because what happened was the work of the devil.

The lady explained that she is contemplating reporting the incident to her friend when they meet but his wife always comes between them and treats her nicely making it difficult for her to tell him.

She added that their marriage is just a year old and she knows very well her friend has never cheated on his wife but wonders why his wife would do such a thing to hurt him.