The legal profession was once dominated by men, but in recent years, an increasing number of women have entered the area.

However, one lady is not only bringing your case to court but doing so in style. Her name is Akua B, and if she plays her cards well on the fashion scene, she may be the most inspiring fashion figure in Ghana.

According to the photographs she shared on social media, she was summoned to the bar in early 2020. What makes her job so divisive in Ghana is that most ' slayqueens' style girls in Africa are women who make a living out of their passion for fashion. That is, aside from their online presence, they are most likely unemployed.

Then there are the celebrities, artists, and actors, or just Instagram prominent Instagram people, who wear things they are paid to wear or merely to keep their place in the limelight.

Akua B, on the other hand, emanates the success our 'African' parents always wanted us to achieve, while being fashionable and being the normal fantasy....of the ordinary Ghanaian male.

Her internet presence, if effectively handled, will be a red flag for Ghana's slay queens, prompting them to convene an emergency meeting.

However, Akua B would not be the first professional lady to be extremely attractive to the eyes; Ghana has seen the likes of Sandra Ankobia, whose name has been somewhat dragged through a lot of rumours.

Peace Hyde, who was the sole woman going viral on social media with her curves at one time, later became the anchor for Forbes Africa. After that, she vanished from the world of murder, and we never saw another photograph of her curvaceous shape.

Check out her pictures below: