A mobile money company is grappling with an unsettling situation involving one of its employees, Collins Mensah. He has vanished with a substantial sum of Gh¢20,600 from his employer, Ms Rosina, causing her to file a complaint with the police. Ms Nancy, speaking to Rainbow Radio Accra, shed light on the incident.

Mobile Money Employee Flees with Employer’s Gh¢20,600

Ms. Rosina, a mobile money operator, entrusted Collins Mensah, known as Pharmacy, to assist in expanding her business. Unfortunately, Mensah, merely a month into his employment, violated this trust by committing theft.

Initially, Ms Rosina believed in Mensah's abilities, leading to his hiring. However, he insisted on receiving a monthly salary of 20 cedis, claiming an urgency that couldn't wait for month-end. She even covered his health expenses.

The situation turned dire when Ms Rosina fell ill and couldn't make it to work on the 29th. Her mother informed her that Mensah had locked up the shop. Despite her attempts to reach him, Mensah remained unresponsive.

Upon visiting the shop, Ms Rosina was shocked to find a significant loss of Gh¢20,600, with Mensah gone, leaving behind the rest of the funds.

This concerning incident, marked by a breach of trust and financial betrayal in the mobile money realm, has sparked a police inquiry into the matter.