In a remarkable twist, Nigerian Afrobeat star Harrysong has caused a stir by reportedly tying the knot with 30 women in a single ceremony. This surpasses the famed Fela Anikulapo Kuti's record of marrying 27 wives at once.

Videos capturing the lavish ceremony have gone viral, showcasing Harrysong surrounded by the women, all dressed in traditional attire signaling their new status as his wives.

Reactions to this unconventional union have been mixed. Some see it as an extreme form of polygamy, while others argue that as long as Harrysong can provide for all his wives and potential children, it might not be inherently problematic.

On a different note, 67-year-old farmer Musa Hasahya from Lusaka, Uganda, who already has 102 children and 568 grandchildren from 12 wives, has chosen to halt further expansion of his extensive family. Due to declining health and financial challenges, he's asked his wives to use contraceptives to prevent more pregnancies.

Hasahya expressed concerns about the rising cost of living and the strain it puts on his family. Despite these hardships, he remains unapologetic about his polygamous lifestyle while taking steps to manage the size of his family. These stories shed light on diverse views regarding polygamous relationships, with Harrysong's multiple marriages making waves for their unprecedented scale, while Hasahya's decision reflects a pragmatic choice to maintain family sustainability.