Almost a month after the public learned of Nigerian actor Mr Ibu's health issues, another prominent Nollywood personality has opted to disclose his own struggle with a dangerous illness. 

Amaechi Muonagor, an actor, revealed in a touching video shared on Facebook that he has been dealing with the symptoms of a stroke for the past seven months.

He stated that on the fatal day that the stroke struck him, he had just finished filming on a movie set and was about to get into his car. 

Mr Muonagor said he has been on a difficult road to recovery since that day, spending months in a hospital trying to restore his health.


"I'm sick; this thing called stroke caught up with me, and they rushed me to the hospital." The first hospital to which they brought me was in Nnewi, where I stayed for two months. And I was sent to The Teaching Hospital Nnewi, where I am now."

"I was in that set with Emeka Ani, Patience Ozokwo, Rita Edochie, and Ebele Okaro; at the end of that moment, I was about to enter my car when I was struck with this problem, and it's gotten worse since then." I can't move right now; I can't walk by myself. Because my entire left side is paralysed, this is an issue for me."

Despite his steadfast courage, the actor stated that his health has not improved and that he is still in critical condition, fighting a hard struggle against the effects of the stroke.

"For example, my left hand is immobile, and my leg swells and becomes difficult to move at times." So that's the issue I'm having. I require aid since I have been spending money since then, paying for hospital beds and medications.

Amaechi Muonagor has requested financial assistance from his followers, industry colleagues, and well-wishers.

"I'm so sorry I didn't make it public because I had no idea it would last this long." But for the time being, I'm appealing to well-meaning people to aid me, to see how they can assist me since I'm paralysed.

"I need help, and now is the time for anyone who has been touched and is truly my fan." I've been at the hospital where I'm presently for three months. I figured it would be a week or a few days before I went and returned, but it took much longer. As a result, I didn't tell anyone. This is why I'm asking all of my friends in Nollywood and beyond to assist me."