To engage Ghanaians and revive the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in anticipation of the 2024 presidential campaign, NDC flag bearer John Dramani Mahama will launch the Building Ghana Tour this month. 

Starting today, the tour will embark on a revolutionary journey with the goals of reaching out to supporters, inspiring optimism, and keeping commitments made to NDC branch leaders.


Mr Mahama will have the opportunity to meet and engage with Ghanaians from all backgrounds as well as NDC supporters and sympathisers through the Building Ghana Tour.

He will visit significant cities, towns, and villages as part of the journey, engaging the local populace and listening to their worries, perspectives, and hopes for a successful Ghana.

According to a statement released last Friday and signed by Mr Mahama's Special Aide, Joyce Bawah Mogtari, the tour will include several events, such as town hall meetings, outreach programmes for the community, accepting invitations from organisations, communities, and chiefs, and having in-depth discussions with numerous stakeholders.

Mr. Mahama hopes to give Ghanaians fresh hope and comfort by maintaining this active relationship with them.

 Along with preparing the party's grassroots for the 2024 election, he will also restate his social contract with the people, according to the statement.

The trip will support the NDC's campaign even more and make clear a common vision for a thriving Ghana based on social justice, economic prosperity, and inclusion. 

“Mahama believes in the transformative power of unity and national cohesion and continues to emphasise the importance of collective efforts in Building Ghana we want and moving Ghana forward,” the statement said.

As a skilled statesman and respected leader, it said the former President recognised the value of active citizen participation, empowering Ghanaians to be change agents and advocates of progress.

Meanwhile, on the Facebook page of the former President, he said “I am thrilled to announce that I will, this month, kick off a #BuildingGhanaTour, an opportunity to interact, once again, with the good people of Ghana including NDC supporters, and sympathisers across the country.”

“Together, we shall restore hope and galvanise for victory in 2024.