According to a government statement, Sierra Leone has ordered a statewide curfew after gunmen assaulted a military barracks in the capital, Freetown, following months of post-election turmoil in the West African nation.

According to a government statement, security forces were in command of the situation.

Prison Break: Sierra Leone declares nationwide curfew after attack on military barracks

"Some unidentified individuals attempted to break into the military armoury at the Wilberforce barracks in the early hours of Sunday." "They have been rejected," stated information minister Chernor Bah in a statement.

Detainees from the Central Padema Road jail in Freetown's capital city were freed on Sunday morning, according to a facility administrator.

The gunmen had previously targeted a military facility in the city.

Residents near the presidential home reported hearing gunfire at the barracks.

Following the incident, the Ministry of Information announced an emergency curfew and "strongly" advised citizens in the West African country to remain home.