Thanks to the 'Year of Return' campaign, a number of international musicians are excited to return to Ghana for the holiday season, so December promises to be an exciting time.

Notably, international music icons Rick Ross and Meek Mill are excited to travel to Ghana as the first stop in West Africa.

Renowned for their contributions to hip-hop, both musicians are thrilled about the chance to return to Ghana and take in its colourful culture and friendly people.

Rick Ross shared his excitement, saying he can't wait to see his friends from the capital again and remember the fun times he had in Ghana in 2019.

"I have friends over there who will ensure I am comfortable. They have the Ferraris and the Rolls Royce, and it’s all fun. It’s a different vibe in there, and it’s always surprising. I want to tap into those tourist experiences," he mentioned during a joint interview with Meek Mill.

Rick Ross said he was motivated by Meek Mill's good trip to Ghana the previous year and the kindness of Ghanaians.

In response, Meek Mill conveyed his excitement about going back to Ghana and his desire to work with local artists as well as find fresh talent while he was there.

These artists' aspirations to travel to Ghana are in line with the benefits of the 'Year of Return' campaign, which has drawn a large number of well-known figures from around the world to investigate their African heritage and support Ghana's tourism industry.a