Recently, the Tesla Pi Phone has been making headlines. Perhaps the company's first smartphone, Tesla makes electric vehicles. Elon Musk is also thought to have designed it. The iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are expected to be the phone's main competitors. This smartphone has a lot of excitement from enthusiasts and even the general public. The page addresses every rumor regarding the purported Tesla Pi phone. Thus, without more delay, let's be moving.

It appears that Tesla will not release the much anticipated Pi Phone. There isn't currently a reliable source to trust. Many rumors seem to stem from an early 2021 YouTube video (by Adr studio design). It's crucial to remember that the concepts in the video are entirely hypothetical and unfounded in verified leaks. According to the designer, there are no leaks or specifics in the content, just their original concepts.

December 1, the year 2022: Elon and Tim Cook came to a mutual understanding.

Tim Cook gave Elon Musk a tour of Apple Park, and Elon tweeted on December 1st that they had a nice chat. During this discussion, Elon clarified the rumor that Twitter would be kicked off of the App Store and assured Twitter fans that Apple had no such plans.

In the past, some people had different interpretations of Apple's content moderation policy and thought that Twitter would be removed from the App Store if they didn't follow it. But after this conversation, Elon and Tim seem to have come up with a workable solution.

Given that Elon Musk stated he would only release the Tesla phone if Twitter was taken out of the App Store, it does not seem probable that the device will launch anytime soon. We still expect to see the Tesla phone released within the next two years, despite the indefinite delay in its release.

The 26th of November 2022: Elon Musk could create a substitute for the iPhone and Android

Regarding Twitter's removal from the App Store and Google Play store, podcaster Liz Wheeler tweeted. If that occurs, she said, Elon Musk ought to manufacture his own phone. She thinks that because of Elon's stellar reputation, consumers will switch from Apple and Google to Elon's phone. She also surmises that someone who builds refuelling rockets won't have too much trouble creating a smartphone.