A TikTok clip capturing the retirement of Walmart employee Gail Lewis has gained widespread attention on social media, evoking emotional reactions from netizens.

The video hails Gail Lewis as "the best employee in Walmart's history" and captures the poignant moment of her bidding farewell on her last day at the Morris, Illinois branch.

Within the viral footage, Lewis makes a heartfelt announcement, expressing gratitude for her decade-long tenure at Walmart. She shares her affection for the job and reminisces about the many friendships she forged during her time there.

Gail Lewis, a resident of Morris, Illinois, dedicated ten years of service as an associate at Walmart. Her departure announcement on TikTok, posted on the account @fluffygaileena, has garnered over 13 million views at the time of this post.

In the video, Lewis introduces herself one final time before officially signing off. The emotional scene unfolds as she sits in her car, tears streaming down her face, recounting everything she will miss about her cherished workplace.