Crayon has revealed to his followers that he was hooked to using illegal narcotics some years ago.

He said he had a record deal with Mavin Records when asked why he quit.

He continued by saying that Babyfresh served as his inspiration by telling him to stop using illegal drugs.

Well-known Nigerian artist Charles Chibuezechukwu, better known by his stage name Crayon, has disclosed that he had a long-term drug addiction that he had to kick a while back.

After Babyfresh, the CEO of Blowtime Imprint and producer for Mavin Records, saw Crayon's potential, he told him to quit his addiction.

The ‘Ngozi’ crooner said he no longer ingests any illicit substance despite being rich and famous. He added that he doesn’t even smoke. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Crayon wrote:

“Bro I Used To Do Drugs Back In The Days In Ojo Name It!!! Trams? My Highest Na 700 Milligram! Skushi’s From Ele! 2 Big Ragolis Me And My Guys!! Emzolyn I Dey Pop Raw 2 Bottles !!! Ref!!! But I No Do Ice Shaaa!! And I No Smoke Igbo Sha Me I Get Sense!!

“Babyfresh Picked Me Up From The Slums. He Said You Gats Stop All Those Things I Did!! All Glory To God! I Did!! Now I Don’t Smoke Or Do Those Things Any More!!! Upon All The Money Wey I Get!! I’m Chilled!!”

Following his gratitude to God for not "blowing" (i.e., becoming famous) in 2019 after being signed to Don Jazzy's record company, Crayon made this disclosure.

He claimed that, after exercising patience, having a prosperous music career now is more fulfilling than it would have been in the past.

Crayon said as much on his official X account, speculating that, similar to Job in the Bible, he was likely being tested by God.