XandyKamel-and -Bill Asamaoh

Xandy Kamel was caught having an affair with Kumawood star Bill Asamoah while still legally married to his wife.

Following her bombshell interview with Delay, the Kumawood actress has stepped out to reveal some details about her ex-husband.

Her ex-husband replied to her statements on the Delay programme by calling her a pig and telling her to quit forcing herself on guys, which enraged Xandy Kamal, who then unlocked Pandora's box.

Her continuous criticism of her ex-husband, King Kaninja, appears to have enraged others, prompting one of them to speak out about her supposed hidden romance with an actor.

According to one netizen, Xandy Kamal met her karma since she was having an extramarital affair with Bill Asamoah, who was already married and found nothing wrong with it.

The netizen stated that Xandy Kamal had no moral standing to accuse her ex-husband of cheating on her while they were married while she herself was having an affair with a married guy.