Joseph, a 21-year-old, embarked on his schooling journey in 2006 alongside his peers, but an extraordinary circumstance led him to spend the last 15 years in primary 1. Remarkably, one of his former classmates is now his teacher in the same primary 1 class.

Reports suggest that Joseph grapples with a mental condition causing him to instantly forget classroom teachings, impeding his progress in passing promotional exams. While most of his classmates have pursued careers as graduate teachers, doctors, and professionals, Joseph remains in primary 1, marked by stunted growth and a seemingly 'malformed' head size due to his condition.

Despite his challenges, Joseph adamantly refuses to abandon his pursuit of education. His determination is evident in his brisk walks and occasional runs to and from school, an unwavering commitment to learning.

Sadly, his older peers in the same class mock him. Yet, Joseph remains undeterred, harbouring a grand ambition to become President, regardless of the extended duration it might take him to advance to primary 2 and beyond.

Joseph shared how many, including teachers, have advised him to quit school, deeming it a waste of time. Nevertheless, his resolute spirit remains unshaken.

Given Joseph's unwavering determination, it's conceivable that his future might hold the presidency. Exploring specialized schooling to uncover and harness his unique abilities could be the key, rather than subjecting him to a conventional educational environment unprepared to cater to his needs.

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