Ninety-one Member States and three international organizations voiced their unified support for United Nations Peacekeeping during the 2023 Ministerial, held in Accra, Ghana. This significant event, the first Peacekeeping Ministerial in Africa, witnessed 57 Member States announcing fresh commitments to address present and future challenges in line with ongoing reform initiatives such as Action for Peacekeeping and A4P+, aiming to enhance peacekeeping effectiveness.

Ghana’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, emphasized the event's pledges as crucial support for UN peace operations, enabling the execution of intricate mandates in challenging environments. Under-Secretary-General Jean-Pierre Lacroix acknowledged Ghana's contribution and highlighted the essential role of political support and tangible commitments in reinforcing peacekeeping effectiveness.

The Ministerial generated pivotal commitments in critical areas, including aviation and infantry units, quick reaction forces, and specialized units to enhance mission agility and resilience against threats. These commitments involved over 110 new military and police units from 33 Member States, emphasizing the importance of partnerships, training, and capacity-building.

Member States reaffirmed their dedication to deploying more women in peacekeeping and pledged support for environmental management, renewable energy adoption, mental health services, and digital transformation within peacekeeping operations. Moreover, commitments were made to strengthen strategic communication and combat mis- and disinformation.

Undersecretary-General Atul Khare applauded the extensive pledges, highlighting the role of partnerships in bolstering uniformed peacekeepers' capacity, logistics, health support, and environmental sustainability. Additionally, efforts to address sexual exploitation and abuse, including contributions to the Trust Fund for Victims, were acknowledged.

The closing saw Ghana passing the mantle to Germany, the host of the next UN Peacekeeping Ministerial in 2025. Ghana’s Minister for Defence, Dominic Nitiwul, emphasized that the commitments and relationships fostered during the Ministerial would pave the way for a more peaceful and secure world in the future.

Currently, over 70,000 peacekeepers serve in 12 missions worldwide, striving to save lives, prevent conflicts, and establish conditions conducive to lasting peace.