Abena Korkor is in trouble as Moesha Boduong is coming back for her ‘ashawobrity’ throne

Moesha Boduong, who had previously embraced a spiritual path, has sparked a wave of reactions on social media by unveiling a captivating video heralding her return to the realm of social revelry and allure.

Despite Moesha's prior commitment to Christianity and her calls for fellow celebrities to follow suit, suggesting the imminence of God's kingdom, it appears that she has been drawn back into her former lifestyle, prompting speculation that the influence of the darker forces has regained sway over her.

In a video shared by Ghpage TV on Instagram, Moesha, once hailed as a prominent figure in the realm of glamour, is seen exhibiting her dance moves on the floor, drawing mixed reactions from viewers who found her seductive gestures somewhat disconcerting.

The prevailing sentiment among netizens is that this signifies her comeback from a hiatus, aiming to reclaim her position in a domain currently held by Abena Korkor, who has openly discussed her struggles with bipolar disorder.

In response, online communities have advised Abena Korkor to brace herself for intense competition, as the erstwhile Queen of allure and social media theatrics, Moesha, has announced her return.