Ghanaian actor Stephen Atangah, widely recognized as Don Little, found himself in police custody following an incident where he allegedly collided with a motorcyclist using his car.

According to an eyewitness, Don Little was en route to the hospital with a friend facing suicidal thoughts when the accident occurred.

The eyewitness detailed that while attempting to navigate through a group of motorcyclists on the road, Don Little's efforts to clear a path were unsuccessful, resulting in the collision.

Don Little shared that his friend urgently contacted him regarding another friend's suicide attempt, prompting their rush to the hospital. When faced with motorcyclists obstructing the way, his attempts to signal for passage were in vain.

The situation escalated when the police arrived at the scene. Allegations arose that Don Little had engaged physically with an officer, though he refuted these claims. He was subsequently taken to the Kasoa police station.

In an exchange with the police, Don Little explained, "I was transporting someone to the hospital, and an incident occurred where I collided with a motorcyclist on the road."

The unfolding events and the police's handling of the case are yet to be determined.

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