In a riveting clash at Luton Town, Arsenal's fortunes hinged on Declan Rice's stunning 4-3 victory-sealing header in added time. The game, initially fraught with David Raya's errors, tested the Gunners' resilience, only to witness a remarkable turnaround with Rice's decisive intervention.

Despite Gabriel Martinelli's early lead for Arsenal, Raya's mistakes allowed Luton to snatch the lead, casting doubt on Arteta's choice of goalkeeper. Nonetheless, Rice rewrote the narrative with a £105 million signing from West Ham, securing a remarkable win and momentarily placing Arsenal five points clear at the Premier League summit.

Mikel Arteta hailed the team's resilience in a high-stakes match, emphasizing the players' determination and the emotional rollercoaster of football. Rice's unexpected goal, following impactful interventions against Manchester United and Chelsea, underlined the pivotal role he plays in Arteta's title aspirations, aligning with the team's target of 96-100 points.

Arteta's praise for Rice's evolving quality and leadership echoed sentiments about the midfielder's impact, proving instrumental in both defence and attack. While Rice's heroics couldn't overshadow defensive lapses against Luton's set pieces, Arteta remained steadfast in defending Raya, refusing to attribute blame.

The match saw a flurry of goals, with Gabriel Jesus and Kai Havertz's contributions alongside Rice's game-winning header. Arteta's touchline celebration earned him a booking, and injuries to Takehiro Tomiyasu added challenges for Arsenal ahead of their next fixture against Aston Villa.

Rice's display of solidarity with Raya after the game showcased his leadership, marking a defining moment of support amidst a challenging performance. The victory not only highlighted Arsenal's resolve but also cemented Rice's growing impact on the team's fortunes.