Following the recent attacks on S.O Herbal of secretly dating Ama Official hence making her a big-time lesbobo – She has also launched a scathing attack on Asantewaa as she strongly believes she’s the one behind the disturbing rumours.

Asantewaa’s pregnancy allegedly belongs to her secret police officer boyfriend and not her husband

S.O Herbal has emphatically stated that Asnatewaa is secretly dating a police officer.

Speaking in a new video that has taken over social media trends, S.O Herbal who appears to know more about the secret life of Asantewaa alleged that it was Asantewaa’s police officer who broke the news of her pregnancy.

According to her, Asantewaa’s secret police officer boyfriend was the one who pleaded with the court to grant her bail after she was arrested for publishing Ama Official’s bedroom video on the internet.

Asantewaa accused of secretly cheating on her husband with a police officer - S.O Herbal spills it all

S.O Herbal’s latest allegations have cast doubt on the paternity of Asantewaa’s yet-to-be-born child.

Indirectly, S.O. Herbal is trying to tell the whole world that Asantewaa’s secret Police officer is responsible for the TikTok star’s pregnancy and not her husband Mr Jeffery.

Recall that just about two weeks ago, Reports went rife on social media that Asantewaa has delivered in the US.

It was later clarified that she hadn’t given birth but rather heavily pregnant and expecting her first child.

S.O Herbal’s accusations have given rise to a hot conversation piece on the internet concerning the biological father of Asantewaa’s unborn baby.

Asantewaa has yet to address this fresh accusation. Hopefully, she’ll clear the air in the coming days because these allegations are very weighty.

Asantewaa is currently in the US with her brother and veteran movie actor Koo Fori hence the clarification might be made through a live Tiktok session.

Watch the video below to know more…