Assemblyman aspirant who died crossing river to campaign wins election posthumously

Manasseh Addison Sackey, the 34-year-old headteacher of Aboponiso MA School, widely known as Teacher Obour, who sadly died while crossing a river to campaign for re-election, has won the Teberebie electoral area election in Tarkwa posthumously.

Teacher Obour was the sitting assemblyman for the Teberebie electoral region till his tragic death on Monday, December 4. When the sad tragedy occurred, the passionate instructor was on a campaign assignment. The boat capsized while crossing a river linking Aklika in a canoe without wearing safety jackets, drowning the beloved headteacher and others onboard.

Despite the sombre circumstances surrounding his campaign, the late Teacher Obour secured a remarkable victory, garnering 860 votes in Tuesday's District Assembly Elections. His closest contender, Benard Obeng, trailed closely with 857 votes, highlighting the intensity of the electoral competition in the district.

Teacher Obour's commitment to education and community development was acknowledged by the voters, who chose to honour his memory by electing him once again.

The posthumous victory has stirred mixed emotions among the residents, with some expressing sorrow over the tragic incident and others celebrating Teacher Obour's legacy through their votes.

Assemblyman aspirant who died crossing river to campaign wins election posthumously

As the community reflects on this bittersweet outcome, questions arise about the safety measures in place to protect the indigenes of regions where geographical challenges may pose threats to their lives.

The late headteacher's family, as well as the Teberebie community, now faces the challenge of reconciling the grief of losing a respected figure with the celebration of his electoral success. The upcoming days are expected to be a period of both mourning and reflection on the impact Teacher Obour had on the community, leaving a lasting legacy that extends beyond the realm of education.