In a heartbreaking incident, tragedy strikes as Hamdiya, a young nursing training student, meets a fatal end in a devastating accident alongside her partner known as Rich Hommie, stirring a wave of sorrow in the Atonsu community near Kumasi.

This distressing event unfolded when Hamdiya, a second-year nursing student, paid a visit to her boyfriend, Rich Hommie, last Friday, only for a routine meeting to turn into a catastrophic accident.

Allegedly, the fatal collision occurred due to excessive speeding by Rich Hommie, leading to a harrowing crash that sent their vehicle careening into a large gutter.

A distressing video from the accident scene, circulating widely on social media, showcases the aftermath, revealing the tragic fate of both Hamdiya and Rich Hommie as their lifeless bodies are retrieved from the severely damaged car.

In a heartfelt outpouring of grief, acquaintances and friends of Hamdiya and Rich Hommie have taken to their social media platforms to mourn the loss of these young lives, sharing memories and condolences in remembrance of the departed.

For further insights into this tragic incident, watch the video below.