A young couple, believed to be from Eastern Africa, has captured social media's attention with their simple wedding ceremony. Images circulating on various platforms depict the newlyweds exchanging vows with only one witness, alongside the officiating pastor.

Couples go viral for spending less than Ghc300 on their wedding

In these widely-shared photos, the couple opted out of extravagant attire, choosing instead to wear their cleaned and pressed old clothes and polished shoes for the occasion. The wedding didn’t feature any elaborate refreshments, with only two attendees present.

Many social media users have praised the couple's decision, celebrating their courage to forego the societal pressures of an extravagant wedding, which often results in unnecessary expenses. However, some have expressed concerns about the absence of family members, particularly the parents of the couple. According to these voices, regardless of financial constraints or urgency, the presence and blessings of parents are crucial for a wedding.

Kgomotso Chenset for instance commented – Where were the parents, siblings, relatives and all the close family? How did you manage to pull this up? I need a lesson

Below are some of the different opinions from social media users gathered under the heartwarming photos…

Tsebang Khoeli – Weddings don’t have to be expensive really Bishop, I am teaching my people this now and some are willing to take the counsellor and obviously some can’t follow the council because of pressure from families! Otherwise, weddings need no

Yvonne Ndebele – Where are your parents? something is wrong

Bro Steve Maina Sjd – The urgency of the matter at hand is evident from the fact that the officiator didn’t have time to were shoes

Victor DrNgobs – I’ve realised that in life any person do what makes them happy. We spend our money differently.