Recall that a Nigerian woman going by the name Jazmine Sing went live on TikTok to lash out at Afua Aduonum during her attempt at a sing-a-thon.

The beautiful TikToker, who appeared visibly furious in the viral video, viciously insulted Afua Aduonum and called her envious.

She said that while people who support Afua Asantewaa Aduonum can fast and pray, she won't be recognised as the new record holder for the longest singing marathon, even though she did not specifically mention her name.

She went on to say that since she and Afua were the first to apply to the Guinness World Records for permission to try the longest singing marathon, any attempt by someone else to take on the same challenge can only be seen as motivated by jealously and avarice.

In response to Jazmine's attack on her, Afua Aduonum said in an exclusive interview with UTV on the United Showbiz programme that she was unaware that she was being challenged during her singathon session.

Afua claims that since she doesn't even know Jazmine, her criticism of her is pointless.

Watch the video below to know more: