The Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, reiterates the vital role of the National Cathedral in Ghana, emphasizing its potential economic benefits.


Ofori-Atta, speaking at the Ghana Tourism Investment Summit 2023, highlighted the cathedral's capacity to significantly enhance the country's tourism sector. He envisioned the cathedral evolving into a pilgrimage site for millions of African Christians, projecting a potential average spending of $3,000 per visitor, which could translate into substantial economic gains.

"Considering the economic benefits beyond what meets the eye... Imagine Ghana as a new Jerusalem, attracting 600 million African Christians. With each spending $3,000, it's a transformative prospect," he emphasized.

Despite the ongoing debates, Ofori-Atta advocates for a constructive approach, urging the government to recognize the cathedral's potential contribution to Ghana's economic development.

"Amidst the debates, let's weigh the triangle and acknowledge the cathedral's role in our infrastructure. It's essential for building a resilient and prosperous future," he stressed.

Additionally, the Finance Minister reaffirmed the government's commitment to enhancing the tourism and arts industry, acknowledging its immense potential to drive economic growth and create employment opportunities.