A video of a young man buying Fufu under the mistaken impression that he had bought an iPhone 15 went viral. As he described what had happened, many shocked observers gathered around him. Internet users were shocked to learn that the young man had declined to open the phone immediately after making the final payment.

Ghanaian Man Sad After Realizing Fufu Was Packaged And Sold To Him As iPhone 15

A young man from Ghana has taken an unexpected turn in his attempt to use an iPhone over the Christmas break. He was tricked into believing that a ball of fufu, which had been carefully wrapped in an iPhone box, was an iPhone 15.

The sad incident happened apparently after he purchased the phone from an unauthorized dealer. Although the exact location of the incident was not disclosed, the video Afrinewz.com sighted on the TikTok page of @happy989fm showed the moment the man called passersby to bear witness to what had happened to him. banner

Watch the video below: