Grand P and his super-sized girlfriend, Eudoxie

 Renowned Guinean artist, Grand P, made a grand entrance into Ghana last night, turning the airport scene into a lively celebration as he had earlier announced. The diminutive musician had revealed his plans to visit Ghana a few days ago, citing intriguing reasons yet to be unveiled.

This highly-anticipated visit is made possible through the coordination of LEMA Press, a prominent printing press in Ghana. Grand P gained widespread recognition after being featured on a show by Guinean Musician Kerfalla Kante.

As highlighted by Zina Dassa, the CEO of LEMA Press, the driving force behind Grand P's visit, is the artist's unwavering determination and commitment to his craft. Grand P took to social media to share a snapshot of his journey to the West African nation, capturing the attention of his fans.

Accompanying him on this journey is his controversial girlfriend, Eudoxie, who is frequently in the headlines due to her curvaceous physique. Experience the lively atmosphere as Grand P showcases his dancing skills in the adowa dance, captured in the video below. Stay tuned for more updates on Grand P's exciting Ghanaian adventure!