Ghanaian music icon Daddy Lumba travels down memory lane as he narrates the background of his hit song "Theresa Abebrese."


Daddy Lumba Analysing his "Theresa song," it was revealed that Theresa treated him rather well. He said that by covering half of his flight to Germany, she eased his journey.

Daddy Lumba By analysing his "Theresa song," it became clear that Theresa did not treat him badly. He said she made his travel easier by paying for part of his flight to Germany.

He expressed to Theresa and her family how much he appreciated their generosity to him during his most vulnerable moment.

Lumba emphasised that he is inspired to write the song "Theresa" because of the kindness Theresa showed him. This is because of the compassion she showed him.

He explained that in the early 1980s, they had met in high school.