Infantino-and Messi

Gianni Infantino, the FIFA president, has expressed his desire to see Lionel Messi participate in the 2034 World Cup, even though Messi will be 47 years old by then.

Key Points

Infantino's comment came as a light-hearted response to queries about Messi's potential participation in the upcoming 2026 World Cup hosted by the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The FIFA president humorously expressed his wish for Messi to continue playing until the World Cup slated for Saudi Arabia in 2034, even as the Argentine captain approaches his 50s.

Infantino's Words

In an interview with DSports, Infantino remarked, "I want Messi in the next World Cup, the one after [the centennial tournament in Morocco, Portugal, and Spain], and even in 2034 [in Saudi Arabia], as long as he desires."

The Broader Context

Messi's stellar performance at the 2022 World Cup showcased his brilliance as he led Argentina to victory, earning himself the player of the tournament title in Qatar. This impressive display has fueled desires within the football community, including Infantino, to witness Messi's enduring greatness, regardless of his advancing age.

Future Prospects for Messi:


Given his advancing years, it seems improbable for Messi to feature in the 2026 World Cup, let alone the subsequent 2034 tournament. Currently associated with Inter Miami, Messi is set to return to Major League Soccer (MLS) next year before representing Argentina in the Copa America.