Kuami Eugene’s ex househelp, Mary, has made another shocking revelation that has left a lot of social media users jaw dropped.


Speaking in a recent interview with Der Mad King, Mary who was the former house help of Ghanaian hiplife artist, Kuami Eugene revealed how the artist’s girlfriend paid for her rent.

As claimed by Mary, Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend dashed her a huge amount of money and bought her a brand new TV.

However, Mary claims despite Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend’s kind gesture, she strongly warns her not to tell the artiste else he won’t be happy about it.

This revelation followed after the interviewer asked her about the rumours that it was Kuami Eugene who paid for her current place of stay’s rent and also bought her a brand new TV as well as a cooking stove.

Listen to a snippet of the interview below…

Mary has been tagged as an ungrateful being ever since she started granting interviews to reveal some of the incidents that happened during her stay inside Kuami Eugene’s house.

About a week ago, she alleged that she once collapsed due to starvation inside Kuami Eugene’s house.

She also asserted in an interview that Kuami Eugene faked her birthday just to chase clout on social media.