To promote tolerance and acknowledge Ghana's cultural and religious diversity, former president John Dramani Mahama has promised to give Muslims an extra Eid holiday should he win the next election.

This pledge is in line with the former president's efforts to uphold religious tolerance and guarantee that all religious communities be given equal representation.

He expressed concern that some Muslims would not be able to enjoy the public holiday following Ramadan because of the 29- or 30-day moon-seeing rule.

Speaking on Friday, December 29, at the 63rd Annual National Conference of the Ghana Muslim Mission in Kumasi, Mr Mahama pledged to make sure that this change would not have a detrimental effect on output.

He emphasised the plan to modify the Public Holidays Act to preserve Ghana's annual public holiday schedule.

“We aim to address the issue where some of our Muslim community members are unable to enjoy the public holiday at the end of Ramadan due to the 29 or 30-day rule for sighting the moon.”

“To do this, we will introduce an additional holiday to the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. We will, however, ensure that this does not affect productivity by modifying the Public Holidays Act so that Ghana continues to have the same number of public holidays per year.”

Former President Mahama is cognizant of the importance of acknowledging and celebrating this diversity, promoting a sense of belonging and inclusivity.