A mother’s decision not to allow his son to continue his education has left a lot of people in shock and wondering why.

In a post on social media, stated that the boy completed his JHS and because he had good results, he gained admission to Presec, Legon but all efforts to get the boy enrolled have proved futile.

According to the post, checks indicated that the boy happened to be one of the best students from Tema.

After getting the admission, his teachers shopped for all the items on her prospectus but the problem is his mother is not willing to allow him to continue with his school.

It continued that this is because his mother’s faith doesn’t believe in education as she has been indoctrinated by her pastor to believe there is no sense in schooling.

Read the full post below:

“I need your help here.

A brilliant boy called Evans has been placed in Presec, Legon. He is apparently one of the best in his JHS at Tema.

His JHS teachers have already shopped the boy’s prospectus, but failed to convince the mother to enroll him. Social welfare at Tema is aware and involved.

The mother will not enroll the boy because her new faith does not approve of education. Immediately you call to convince her, you receive a block. I am in touch with her on my other lines and with my other voices and names.

I hear she attends a church called “God’s Kingdom at Last”. I saw a handsome young man as the leader on Facebook. I am struggling to establish contact with the church leader.

While i respect their faith, I believe i can have a conversation with the church leader and intercede for the boy. Someone here can also talk directly with the church leader for us.

Its been two weeks of persuasion. Let’s hope it works.

Compulsion through the law courts should be the last option. It can take forever to litigate on matters like this, as we want the boy in school early January, yet have no idea where he is being kept.

Any help?

Ghana Education Service, please preserve the boy’s placement. He will surely report next year.

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