Broda Sammy, a controversial Ghanaian gospel artist, recently called out his senior counterpart, Nacee, for actions that seemingly irked him.


During an interview on Rash Hour on Ghpage TV with Rashad and King Asu-B, the singer disclosed that Nacee had blocked him on social media platforms. This move allegedly stemmed from Broda Sammy's rendition of the 'Aseda' challenge gaining more traction and attention than the original version.

Broda Sammy explained that Nacee had created an open verse for his hit track 'Aseda,' in which he participated. Nacee initially shared Broda Sammy's version on social media but later removed it upon realizing its growing popularity among listeners.

The outspoken artist further asserted his dominance in the music industry, referring to Nacee as a newcomer in comparison. He confidently claimed that in a hypothetical matchup between them, Nacee wouldn't even find space to breathe.

Watch the video below: