Portable wins the boxing fight against Charles Okocha

 Nigerian musician Portable real name Habeeb Badmus after four rounds of boxing was declared the winner of the celebrity boxing match with Nollywood actor Charles Okocha.

Held at Landmark Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos State, the fight, sanctioned by Heritage Boxing Entertainment, began after one in the morning and lasted roughly forty minutes.

After Portable claimed to have contractual problems, which caused them to get into an online feud over an alleged N40 million rip-off, the two had finally made up with their fists.

In violation of a contract, Portable claimed Okocha defrauded him of the money by sending him only a small quantity.

In the first round, Portable got off to a strong start and quickly took the lead.

He was wearing an armless top and knickers both in the color blue.

In addition, he assumed complete control of the ring and tried to determine his range, launching multiple jabs towards Okocha’s body—the latter was decked out in red shorts and a top.

Okocha was back in the match in Round Two since he had been dodging Portable’s blows, and everything appeared to be going his way.

Okocha gained more ground than Portable had throughout the fight, and even though he was in the lead to win, he was determined to score more points.

Even Portable was knocked down by his jabs, forcing the referee to intervene.

Okocha was chasing Portable as he ran around the ring in Round Three, trying to see if he could get back into the match.

Portable took advantage of a few moments to return fire against the strikes he was receiving from the round two battle.

Despite the fatigue of the two celebrity boxers in Round Four, Portable continued to land some straight blows that caught Okocha off guard.

Both of them declined to go on when the referee announced that Round Five would determine the winner, which ultimately resulted in Portable being declared the winner.

Portable secured the title and cemented his status as the rightful winner of the intensely contested fight, even though he did not prevail via TKO, KO, or even points scored.