The 26-year-old driver of a pure water delivery vehicle was taken into custody and appeared in court after he gambled on sports with sales proceeds from his business.

Meyiwa, who began working as a driver in March and was in charge of distributing sachet water, is accused of using some of his daily sales revenue for gambling without telling his employer.

According to the prosecution, Meyiwa sold N88,000 worth of sachet water in October but neglected to give the money back, stating that his clients owed him.

This dishonest behaviour developed into a pattern. Meyiwa committed the same crime again in November, driving off with bags of N300,000 worth of sachet water.

He took the money and went to wager instead of doing his deliveries. Following the failure of the wagers, he vanished.

Meyiwa escaped searchers for a long time until he was spotted at another business. After being captured by the police, he appeared before Magistrate A.O. Salawu.

Meyiwa committed the crime at Okusanya Street, off Adebayo Road, in Bariga between March and November 2023, the prosecution, Oriabure, said the court.

Section 287 (7) of the Lagos State of Nigeria 2015 Criminal Law pertains to the theft accusation that was made against him.

Chukwuma Onoh, 31, sadly committed suicide a few days ago after allegedly losing N2.5 million in an internet wager in Abia State, southeast Nigeria.

In an attempt to pay off a N1.2 million loan he had borrowed from friends to support his N1.3 million wager, Onoh earlier that day messaged a man he thought to be his employer on WhatsApp.

Onoh conveyed his severe circumstances in a touching note, saying, "The only option is to end my life as I cannot live with the shame." Due to my lack of employment, I have become a gambler, and if I don't pay off my debt soon, I may commit suicide to cover it.

Since then, this WhatsApp message has gone viral on social media, exposing the seriousness of his situation.

In a subsequent message, Onoh revealed the extent of his financial woes, saying, “I used N2,500,000 to place a bet and N1.2 m is not my own and if I don’t pay up today. I will be dead by the time you read this message. As I type this message, I am where I want to buy a sniper.”

His plea for financial assistance was met with a response from the purported boss, expressing his inability to help immediately. Instead, he advised Onoh to ask his creditors to exercise patience with him so that he could clear the debts in instalments.

Tragically, on Tuesday, Onoh posted a disturbing message on his Facebook page, declaring, “Today is my last day on earth! I (am) going to meet my maker,” without providing a specific reason. He went on further to thank some associates and friends, stating, “My spirit is with you all.”

Less than two hours after making this post, Onoh ingested a toxic substance, presumably Sniper, and was rushed to Madonna Hospital Umuahia by friends. Despite efforts by doctors and nurses to resuscitate him, he was declared dead.